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Bullying & Harassment


Any student or staff member who believes he or she has been subjected to bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment, including sexual violence or any other harassment based on sex—and anyone who witnesses bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment—should immediately report this incident to that student’s building principal. You may report bullying or harassment in person, or by filling out the Harassment Complaint Form, PCM Code No. 502.12E1 (located in the Board Policies on our website or available at each building’s main office).

The District is committed to conducting a prompt investigation into all complaints. The building principal will conduct the investigation, which will include interviewing the complainant, the alleged harasser, and witnesses identified by either the complainant or the alleged harasser, as well as reviewing any relevant evidence or documentation of such bullying or harassment.

The initial investigator will make findings of fact and will issue appropriate remedial and disciplinary measures. Absent extenuating circumstances, the initial investigator will notify the complainant and the alleged harasser of the outcome of the investigation within ten (10) school days of receipt of the complaint. If resolution within ten (10) school days is not possible due to the nature or complexity of the investigation, the investigator will notify the complainant and alleged harasser and indicate an anticipated date by which the complaint will be investigated.

Possible disciplinary actions for founded acts of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment include suspension or recommended expulsion[1] of students and suspension or recommended termination of employees[2], if the facts and circumstances warrant.

The District expressly prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports, files, or otherwise participates in a complaint or investigation into bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment. If founded, any students or employees who engage in retaliation will be promptly disciplined.

The District’s Equity Coordinator is Jeremy Swink, Activities Director. This person is responsible for ensuring that the District investigates and resolves claims of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment. Superintendent Havenstrite may be contacted at or 515-994-8222 Ext 7781.

All suspensions of 10 days or more, and all expulsions, must be determined by the PCM Board of Directors.

All employee disciplinary actions are subject to federal and state law, PCM Board policy, and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

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