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Lunch guests

Elementary Parents:

Starting today, we will allow parents to eat lunch with students.  Parents will be required to check into the office and wear a mask when not at the lunch table. We will also have a table set aside for students and their guests. Call your school office for questions including lunch times and prices.  Thank you!

Prairie City Elementary and Monroe Elementary

The Outlook, PCM Post and ThunderTV Online!

Click here to read articles written by PCM students that are published in The Outlook and PCM Post. View ThunderTV episodes and get the scoop on what's going on around the PCM High School and community.

Lawn Care Services

Click the headline for additional information on the Lawn Care Services bidding process.

Community Based Services Available

PCM School District is sharing this resource with families and community members. Please share. Click the headline for more information.

Daily COVID Tracking

Beginning, Mar. 1st, the PCM School District will no longer be reporting daily COVID numbers.
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