Open Enrollment
Click here to access the open enrollment informational page. 
Beginning Friday, July 1st, the district will begin accepting registration of students for the 2022-2023 school year via Infinite Campus Registration. We are officially using Infinite Campus Online Registration to make the registration process faster. 
 Online registration will close on Friday, July 15th

How will you be registering your student this year? 

Option 1: Online with Infinite Campus
  • Your student has been enrolled in the PCM Community School District in a previous year/s.

  • You can now register all of your children at once and add children who may be new to school (preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, etc…)

  • Please make sure you know your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Username and Password in order order to access your Registration.

  • You already have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal login

  • If you have lost your Infinite Campus login info, please contact you building secretary. 

  • You currently have no children enrolled in the PCM Community School district.
  • Questions or issues registering your child? Contact your student's building secretary for assistance  (summer hours may be in effect). 
PCM High School: 641-259-2315
Secretary Email: [email protected]
PCM Middle School: 515-994-2686
Secretary Email: [email protected]
Monroe Elementary School: 641-259-2314
Secretary Email: [email protected]
Prairie City Elementary School: 515-994-2377
Secretary Email: [email protected]
**Once you complete the brief questionnaire with the button below, you will receive an email with your application information**
New Student Registration Button

Option 2: In Person


Choose Your Method Of Payment 

Option 1: Online (Credit/Debit Card)

For the 2022-2023 school year we will be transitioning away from RevTrak payments and now all online payments will be made directly through Infinite Campus. School fees can now be paid through the Campus Parent Portal. Parents will have to set up a new payment method within Infinite Campus. Follow the instructions below to verify your payment method:

1. Log into your Campus Parent Portal

2. Select Fees

3. Select the Credit Card icon

4. Select Payment Method

5. Select the blue New button

6.. Fill out your payment method then click save

7. You can then pay for your students fees by adding them to My Cart, once you are finished click on the shopping cart icon in Fees and checkout.


Option 2: Mail
  • Print and complete the Fee Cover Sheet to
           PCM Middle School 
           Attn: Robert Friday
           407 E Plainsmen Rd. 
          Prairie City, IA 50228
Option 3: In Person
  • District Personnel will be in the buildings to assist you.
  • High School - August 2nd 11:00am - 7:00pm---(ALL NEW HS students and current students wanting to make a schedule change)
  • Middle School & Prairie City Elementary - Help will be available in the building, contact the building secretary for assistance. 
  • Monroe Elementary - Help will be available in the building, contact the building secretary for assistance. 

If you already have children who attend PCM but don’t have a parent portal account set up through Infinite Campus, please email or call:
PCM High School
– (515) 994-8222, Option 1

Michele Lanphier, [email protected]
PCM Middle School – (515) 994-8222, Option 2

Nicole Hedgecock, [email protected] 

Prairie City Elementary(515) 994-8222, Option 3

Becki Vasseau, [email protected]
Monroe Elementary – (515) 994-8222, Option 4

Cathy DeHaai, [email protected] 

Please use a computer to complete online registration, not a cell phone. If you do not have internet access at home, the Prairie City and Monroe Public Libraries will have directions posted.  You may also contact each attendance center to determine hours of availability for registration.

Do you need to complete any additional forms?

Registration Contact

Kim Pettyjohn
District Secretary
515-994-8222 Ext 1002