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Talented and Gifted/Extended Learning Program (TAG/ELP)

PCM is committed to providing a quality continuum of services and collaborative supports to meet the needs of K-12 students identified as needing enrichment or unique and individualized opportunities for extending their learning.
"Gifted and talented children" are those identified as
  • Possessing outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance; and
  • Requiring appropriate instruction and educational services commensurate with their abilities and needs beyond those provided by the regular school program.
Gifted and talented children include those children with demonstrated achievement, potential ability, or both, in any of the following areas or in combination:
  • General intellectual ability.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Leadership ability.
  • Visual and performing arts ability.
  • Specific ability aptitude.
PCM has a Gifted Education program and plan that includes the following gifted and talented program provisions: (see PCM Gifted Education Plan link)
  • Valid and systematic procedures, including multiple selection criteria for identifying gifted and talented students from the total student population;
  • Goals and performance measures;
  • A qualitatively differentiated program to meet the students' cognitive and affective needs;
  • Staffing provisions;
  • Professional Development structure;
  • A budget to support Gifted Education;
  • Qualified personnel administering the program; and
  • Evaluation gifted and talented programming
Mr. Brian Adams is the PCM Talented and Gifted Certified Teacher for PK-12 and is responsible for planning, implementing and collaborating on individual student plans and programming based on various data sources. Ms. Christy Humpal is the PCM Talented and Gifted Teacher assigned to providing flexible and fluid Enrichment groups at both elementary buildings based on teacher referral processes and various data sources. Mrs. Stephanie Ver Helst, PCM Director of Student Services, is responsible for the oversight of the PCM Gifted Education Plan components, including program evaluation
If you have any questions about the Gifted Education programming or your child's specific services and supports, please contact Mr. Adams, Ms. Humpal or Mrs. Ver Helst directly using the provide contact information.