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Threat Assessment (CSTAG)

The PCM Community School District utilizes the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG)as a decision-making model for situations where a student has threatened or engaged in threatening behavior. 

CSTAG focuses on preventing violence by addressing issues like bullying and student conflicts early on before they escalate into violent behavior. It emphasizes proactive measures to handle problems such as teasing, bullying, and other conflicts.


How does Threat Assessment work?
The Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) follows three basic steps:

  • Reporting and Identifying Threats
  • Assessing and Classifying Threats
  • Responding to and Managing Threats


CSTAG assists in determining response and interventions

  • Initial response
  • Screening
  • In-depth assessment
  • Intervention: the team initiates assistance to address the underlying problem, conflict or need. In the most serious cases, protective action is taken
  • Follow up: to assess intervention results


CSTAG ensures

  • Timely response
  • Safety
  • Efficient use of resources


Feel free to reach out to your child’s building administrator to learn more about this process.  


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