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School Resource Officer

In collaboration with the City oSROf Monroe Police Department, the PCM School District has one full-time SRO serving all buildings within the PCM district. Officer Carter Riechmann is a vital member of our school’s leadership team, helping to address safety issues within the school community. 


A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a specially trained police officer who works closely with schools. The SRO focuses on safety, education, and mentorship, aiming to foster a secure and fair learning environment. They provide resources to school staff, build positive relationships with students, and address modern issues like responsible technology use and interactions with law enforcement.

Certainly, all School Resource Officers (SROs) undergo training from the National Association of School Resource Officers upon selection. This training covers their role, building positive relationships, and ensuring a safe learning environment.

The SRO mainly helps PCM in maintaining a positive educational environment by ensuring the safety of students and staff. They handle conflicts, secure the building, and respond to criminal matters. SROs don't actively police schools but work with administrators to address criminal incidents. Classroom disciplinary matters are handled by PCM educators and staff, not SROs.

Yes, SROs are involved in the Jasper County Juvenile Court’s Services diversion program. They refer students' first simple misdemeanors to prevent citations or arrests. Additionally, officers participate in the District’s Crisis Response and Violence Prevention program, along with the Restorative Justice program administered by the Jasper County Juvenile Detention Center.

Contact Officer Riechmann: [email protected] or call 515-994-8222 ext. 1130.